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Truck Driver Certificate I

About this course

About Instructors

Frank Prado

11 years teaching experience Extremely patient and compassionate Able to clearly provide easy to understand instruction Extensive knowledge of all current motor vehicle laws and regulations Possesses CDL for 14 years

Truck Driver Certificate I

160 hours (Theory – 66 hours, Lab / Road Time – 94 hours)

Course Description

Our course will teach students with little or no commercial driving experience will be able to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. Students who do not already have a valid Commercial Driver’s License Learner’s Permit will be prepared for that exam. At the end of the course, students will take a Class “A” License road test administered by the California’s DMV. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on labs and independent study, and substantial behind-the-wheel driving time on a practice range and public roads.

What you'll learn

Introduction, Control and Vehicle Systems, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Coupling and Uncoupling, Preventive Maintenance, Refrigeration

Accident Procedures, Extreme Driving Conditions, Hours of Service

Special Rigs, Personal Health and Safety, Public and Employer Relations, CSA

Basic Control, Hands On visual, Communication, Shifting, Backing, Rail Road Crossing

Night Driving, Speed Management, Space Management, Hazard Perception, Emergency Maneuvers, Skid Control and Recovery

40 hours of on the Road training


Frank Prado

Rosadelia Ramos

9 years teaching experience Compassion and patience, encouraging and motivating Able to clearly provide easy to understand instruction Has the ability to teach driving to both first time drivers as well as first time commercial drivers in both English and Spanish.

Teresa Garcia

• Must be 18 and over

• Have a valid motor vehicle record (MVR);

• Have no current MVR convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;

• Good driving record

• Obtain a Ten Year DVN Printout – ($5.00 at your local DMV Office)

• No more than two moving violations in the last 36 months

• Pass a D.O.T. physical exam

• You'll need to be a minimum of 21 years old if you intend to:

o Drive across state lines.


o Transport HAZMAT materials.




Special Note: The difference between Truck Driver Certificate I and Truck Driver Certificate II is

15 years experience in the trucking industry Able to clearly provide easy-to-understand instructions in both Spanish & English Extensive knowledge of all current motor vehicles laws and regulations Possesses clean driving record Excellent customer service

Day Course

8 weeks of study

160 hours (Theory – 66 hours, Lab / Road Time – 94 hours)


  •    Truck Driver  Certification I
    • 160 hours (Theory – 66 hours, Lab / Road Time – 94 hours)
    • 8 Modules
  • Truck Driver Certification II
    • 240 hours (Theory – 102 hours, Lab / Road time – 138 hours)
    • 12 Modules
    • Module 7 – Handling Cargo, Cargo Documentation, Security of Cargo
    • Module 8 – Diagnosing and Reporting Malfunctions, Trip Planning, Hazardous Materials, Basic Business Practices for Truck Drivers.



Night Course

10 weeks of study

160 hours (Theory – 66 hours, Lab / Road Time – 94 hours)


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